Paula Christine Clark

    (505) 350-4871
   Language(s) Spoken: Spanish
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About Paula

Paula has refined skills within the fields of service and education. Her initial university studies landed work in Human Resources Management ─ trained to service the needs and demands of employees and customers. And, all along she pursues her interest in Real Estate, as a way to build wealth. She continues to enhance her interpersonal skills interacting with a wide demographic population, influential at educating her sphere of influence on the importance of financial management and wealth building through Real Estate.

Paula’s bilingual upbringing, having spoken English and Spanish all her life, in conjunction with her interest for reading, writing and study has presented opportunities in the education field as well. She contributes sometimes as an English teacher on-line to students from all over the world.

Paula is on an on-going quest to develop personally and professionally, as she is diligent in effort to uplift herself, and encourage others to pursue a better life style. Engaging in creative thinking improves one’s quality of Being; this inspires her to write what is dear to her heart ─ In Pursuit of Love ─ which ultimately affects all aspects of life.

At your service always,