Be it Education or Relaxation, Signature’s Got Your Back

A place of calm and a benchmark of the times, The Signature Real Estate Companies initiated distance learning via live and recorded ZOOM video conferences this past month, refining its independent contractor sales force, educating those seeking Sales Associate licensure, and welcoming guest REALTORS® seeking the Signature way of life.

Signature has defined the on-demand nature of today’s world and the increasing need for ongoing communication, education and long-term engagement with real estate customers. As for social distancing, Signature Agents are employing virtual tours and following other state guidelines. “Our own TotalBrokerage software is soaring with customer accessibility to Agents worldwide. We ensure our virtual transactions, from contact through closing, 24/7, are the answer to homebuying and listing in today’s environment,” says Broker-President & Principal, Mr. Ben G. Schachter.

Signature continues to be visionary with its “agent-centric” approach to onboarding and retaining top-notch talent. Using ZOOM’s delivery system, Certified Real Estate Instructor & Broker, Mr. K. Dale Doyle started providing his latest cohort of pre-licensure students the necessary structure and insights for exam success; Signature continues to provide this FREE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

Open and free to Signature Team Members, “Signature Health” commenced last Sunday with General Counsel and Certified Yoga Instructor, Ms. Kristen King Jaiven, leading virtual yoga. More than 35 people joined the session for productive ways to cope with COVID-19 stressors.