Signature Background Screening: Another “Signature” Must-Have for Florida’s Thriving Hospitality

Signature Background Screening (SBS), an Affiliated Partner of The Signature Real Estate Companies (Signature), believes in the power of truth. Honest results from its national and global background screening (for criminal, sex offender, eviction and credit reports) are germane to home sales, yearly and vacation rentals, investment properties and business opportunities.

Timing matters. Before any in-person contact — especially prior to generating any contracts for execution — REALTORS®, Community Association Managers (CAMs) and HOA managers are advised to do a thorough background screening, succinctly following each community’s by-laws. Especially with commercial investment properties, an SBS screening for financial worthiness is a prerequisite of the first contact with a prospect. Turnaround time for an SBS report takes less than an hour.

Says Broker-President & Principal of Signature, Mr. Ben G. Schachter, “With SBS we’ve armed our REALTORS® with an empowering information service. We’ve found it’s far better to know all available information at the front end of a transaction to thwart any hiccups later on.” When safety and time well spent are priorities, SBS and Signature’s proprietary prospecting leadership classes are invaluable allies in best practices for real estate practitioners.

According to SBS Owner, Mark Silverstein, more than 100 Signature REALTORS® have taken part in the on-demand service of report offerings since the company joined the Signature Family in mid-2019. His client testimonials have been rave.

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