Signature Invites Broker Partners to Its Winning Brand

The COVID-19 pandemic induced a tidal wave of economic losses, leaving several less-prepared real estate brokerages in a pickle. Many found they were blindsided, because they lacked the constellation of products, services and technology to keep pace with competitors. Numerous brokerages suffered major losses.

“There has never been a better time for seasoned and newly minted Brokers to plug into Signature, one of Florida’s top-five brokerage companies, and enjoy being an independent brokerage under the Signature umbrella, all the while having full access to the compendium of creative, strategic and time-tested practices Signature has built from scratch,” says Mr. Ben G. Schachter, Broker-President and Principal of The Signature Real Estate Companies (Signature).

“Brokers who have been impacted by COVID and need the serious, proven platform with training, technology, recruiting staff, and support that Signature promises may keep their own brand identity without morphing into a franchise,” remarks Mr. Schachter. Another attraction: Signature has regularly been hosting several Top-Producer and Broker Power Panels to discuss best
practices and evoke creative accountability measures.

There is one steady maxim about the Signature brand: Vast resources and tools are the keys to opening all doors. With an invitation to Signature’s AAA Coaching Program, new Broker Partners are privy to the bastion of marketing collateral leading to successful customer presentations, while also having access to Signature’s stellar 24/7 support team of more than 40 professionals.