Signature Real Estate Companies Training: Your Competitive Edge

Assessing the best REALTOR® for your needs exceeds the glitz of advertisements and fast-talking schmoozers. The best indicators of how well you and your “Signature REALTOR®” will work together are vocational personality and social intelligence quotient.

Vocational personality refers a person’s natural inclinations toward work tasks and their perceived competency for “liked” tasks. The most powerful guide to use in hiring and career development is that developed by the U.S. government many decades ago; The O*NET Program is the nation's primary source of occupational information, grouping U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data and wide-ranging technology reports.

Let’s research the work personality of Real Estate Sales Agents at Integrity, dependability and independence are the top-three work styles for successful Signature REALTORS®. Further, an interest in Enterprising and Conventional endeavors are the markers of your top Signature REALTORS®. Sales savvy and attention to detail are essentials.

Now, to social intelligence. Obviously knowing a variety of languages can only help in the growing multicultural aspects of real estate. You should acquaint yourself with other cultures and invest in a dining etiquette course, as this will do wonders in teaching you how to finesse deals done over meals.

Professional dress and a firm handshake are key, as is a confident and a courteous voice mail message letting your caller know you WILL return their call shortly.

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